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5ST Tension Compression Materials Testing Machine

Tinius Olsen’s model 5ST Materials Testing Machine is capable of performing physical strength tests in tension, compression, flex bend and shear on raw materials such as plastic film, rigid plastic, adhesives, tapes, paper, board, rubber, textiles, insulation and metal foil or components and structures for example packaging systems and enclosures, medical devices, fasteners, zips, keyboards, connectors, electronic components, circuit boards, non-woven and insulation, toys, foam, springs, cable, hinges, and even contact lenses, it is a very versatile unit for the accurate and repeatable analysis of a material or components strength and performance.

The 5ST features a robust stiff frame capable of applying a force to the material or component under test up to 5kN (500kgf, 1000lbf), it is quiet running and has a surprisingly small and efficient footprint in terms of the area it occupies. There are multiple options for a user to interact with the system to set up and control tests in accordance with ASTM, ISO, GOST and GB materials testing standard; Wireless or tethered hand held interfaces or PC based with multiple screen display options to assist in the monitoring of the test and capture of a material or components performance and under load. Today connectivity is key be it additional measurement devices such as extensometers for exacting strain measurement or managed test environments such as a fluid tank in which a test specimen is submerged and tested or the export of results and data numeric and video, the 5ST has the connectivity capability required and it is calibrated, certified and traceable.

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